“Spider-man represents the everyman, but he represents the underdog and those marginalized who come up against great prejudice which I, as a middle-class straight, white man, don’t really understand so much. When Stan Lee first wrote and created this character, the outcast was the computer nerd, was the science nerd, was the guy that couldn’t get the girl. Those guys now run the world. So how much of an outcast is that version of Peter Parker anymore? That’s my question.” —  Andrew Garfield’s Fucking Epic response to the backlash on his suggestion of a bisexual Spider-Man | http://comicsalliance.com/andrew-garfield-spider-man-gay-stan-lee-marvel/?trackback=tsmclip (via buried-and-breathing-in-regret)


Hello my dear followers! I know I have been gone from Tumblr for awhile but it was for a good reason. I’ve been doing a lot of music lately. My band just released our debut album “Character Splatters” and I’d love if you could give it a listen! Reblogs are appreciated. Critiques are appreciated.

Each song’s genre is quite different so please listen to more than one (at the very least skim them all). A lot of people’s favourite song is Commodity Song because the chorus is really catchy (I just want somebody sexy to love me!)!

I really hope you like them! Thank you for listening! <3 <3 <3

I just want
Somebody sexy to love me


Check out my band’s debut single Burial Ground! If you like, please reblog. :)




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Thankful for my cat who never makes me feel guilty about anything

Sailor Moon on the runway

Koan: Mugler FW 1992, Setsuna: Chanel FW 1992, Serenity: Dior Haute Couture SS 1992, Hotaru: Mugler FW 1992, Calaveras: Christian Lacroix Haute Couture FW 1992








dont be embarrassed about something u enjoy ok 



Yum! A video game controller you can eat!

Make desserts to the shapes of classic game controllers with a silicone mold from ThinkGeek.

Read more in my latest article on CNET!

I’ll have one White Chocolate Nintendo Controller please

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